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Jonathan’s friendly turkeys love to see him arrive with the feed bucket. These hormone-free, antibiotic-free turkeys enjoy fresh pasture every day in addition to their specialty feed, which includes organic vitamins and minerals. The tender and moist meat of these birds is a delightful addition to your holiday tradition, leaving no worries about harmful hormones or chemicals.

To be announced for 2014

Reserve your 2014 Thanksgiving turkey today. We require a $50.00 deposit to reserve your turkey.



Customers Say...

"WOW! That turkey was the most delicious we have EVER had!!  It had such a nice layer of fat, it tasted as yummy as bacon!  It was not dry like lots of turkey, and I didn't even put butter under the skin. Our bone broth was so rich and turned into the thickest jelly we ever made. We feel so blessed to have your family as our farmers and thanked God for you on Thanksgiving!

"Our turkey on the grill turned out fabulous! it fed over 20 people with plenty of leftovers. Thank you for growing such beautiful birds!!"

"Thank your family for giving us such a beautiful turkey. I can hardly wait to cook it!"

"Everyone loved the turkey you all raised. We had early thanksgiving dinner. It literally fell off the bone and was so moist. I made an eccellent gravy from the drippings and an excellent turkey stock from the bones. Thank you so much!"

"Thanks so much for the turkey - we are hoping to make that a family tradition to have a Bryant Family Farm turkey each year."

"Just wanted to thank you and your family for all the work you put into raising the turkeys.  Those of us that are lucky enough to serve them on Thanksgiving day are truly blessed by all of you."

"Our turkey was the best we've had yet."


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